Adult Group Swimming Lessons

Are you wanting to learn an efficient, safe method for swimming front crawl? Maybe you are a breaststroke swimmer who fancies trying front crawl for the first time? Either way, this is the course for you at our new venue, The Mount School, York

Tuesdays 8pm – 10pm 4 Week x 2hr (That’s 8 hours of coaching! for only £200)

I have swum all my life without really knowing how i do it!. Since starting Swimfinity, I’ve discovered several different ways to coach efficient swimming. I’m always looking at the latest research in body mechanics, physics, and neuroscience I focus the swimmers’ attention on specific focuses that allow the joints to move safely and effectively. As we synchronise connected body parts, we create whole body movements which allow access to larger muscle groups. This results in greater speed and efficiency.

Starts Tuesday 16th January

  • Week 1 – – Breath Management, Relaxation, Posture and Balance
  • Week 2 – – Streamline Superhero!
  • Week 3 – – Arm Recovery – save those shoulders!
  • Week 4 – – Timing and breathing.

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