An Endless Pool

At Swimfinity we use an “Endless Pool” for most indoor swim coaching, video analysis and lessons. Children and adults from age 4 to 99. We never have classes bigger than 3 people to ensure maximum progress.

The Endless Pool is 13ft long, 7ft wide and 1m10 deepest point. Shipped from the USA in 2016, we used to keep this to ourselves but it is more fun sharing it with the community.

Our Endless pool is located in our home, with a private entrance, lovely modern change area, coffee machine, patio wait area and a state of the art performance model fastlane machine. New this year are the floor mirrors so you can watch yourself swim and alter body position to suit your personal needs! quicker than a video analysis!

Advantages of an “Endless Pool”

Confidence develops very quickly as beginner swimmers are within reach of the sides at all times. The benches and steps around the edge of the pool (used to channel the water through the fast lane) give children a variety of depths to work from up to a depth of 110cm. For adults the design of the endless pool ensures a smoother swim than other machines.

Swimming against a swim current (fastlane machine) enables the swimmers to swim distance without turns, just like in the open water. Speed is easily measured with an integrated timer showing the speed per 100 metres (e.g. 2 min for 100m is 30 seconds to swim 25m). Many children have completed their distance badges up to 1km in a 30minute lesson. Testing your swim technique at different tempos and speeds is an excellent tool for progress for the more advanced swimmer.

Swimmers above 1m tall are never out of their depth but practising treading water is possible in an Endless pool, if you can tread water in a shallow pool then in deep water it is much easier to master.