Learn to swim

I teach the SwimMastery style of swimming in a private endless pool in Monk Fryston, Yorkshire, and at public pools in Leeds and the surrounding areas. By learning the techniques to move through the water with ease, my students find a new calmness in their swimming, and can go further, faster, with less wasted effort. It’s really rewarding to see them transform from fighting the water to working with it. One swimmer this summer (2021) has completed a Windermere one way swim taking one hour off his personal best by concentrating on his technique. See our feedback from our SwimMastery improve your frontcrawl workshop in Oct 2021.

As well as one-on-one coaching and kids’ lessons for up to three students at a time, I also offer larger group swim sessions for adults. Newcomers have commented that this group of like-minded people, offering support, encouragement and inspiration to each other, has helped them rediscover the joy of swimming that they had as children.

Swimming outdoors, especially in recent times has boomed in popularity and this is a long passion of mine which I love to share and support others people, young and old.

So what is your water-related Challenge?

  • Getting your children confident?
  • Moving from Breaststroke to Frontcrawl
  • A winter dip in icy cold water?
  • A one mile swim in open water?
  • A 10K swim?
  • A swim across the English Channel?
  • Passing a swim test to achieve a personal goal (Life saving / Royal Marine )
  • Jumping off Cliffs into the sea?
  • Feeling more confident when in your kayak?

Fun and Games

Body boarding is just one fun activity we can use the Endless pool for and is something most people will attempt at the beach on holiday. It develops core strength, balance and is a lot of fun. How fast can you paddle against the current in an Endless pool? Great practice for the real thing, here is Dom (my son) in the endless pool and out in the sea in Whitby!

What’s your swimming goal? Please get in touch, I’d love to see how I can help.