Swim Mastery Swimming

When I decided to set off on a new career path in 2018, I chose to learn more about swimming than I was ever taught as a competitive swimmer. I was introduced to Total Immersion by a colleague who runs a similar business to me in Leeds.

My training started with a lesson in her “Endless Pool” http://endlesspool.com. I had picked up a nasty shoulder injury after my 10K. I had been advised to swing my arms to protect myself in the open water. A technique I probably found easy as it felt like what I did as a child.

With a few introductions to biomechanics, I was swimming pain free and with a technique that seemed effortless! It truly was the start of something very cool and inspiring.

In 2018 I spent a week in Spain, training for my level 1 and another week later that year for my Level 2 and Different strokes training. A lot of hard work and changing of mindset turned me into a Level 2 Certified Total Immersion swim coach. Google it! it will change your swimming forever.

I have followed my Coach trainer Tracey Baumann in her new swim community venture. Tracey has taken 20years of experience with Total Immersion and over the last few years after leaving Ti, she has added to her knowledge with joint mechanics, anatomy in motion and http://www.swimmastery.online

It is all about Building a Frame, Maintaining the Streamline and Generating forward momentum.