“I can swim longer, faster and pain free” David could barely swim 100m of front crawl without a break in 2021. His most recent achievement was to come 2nd in his age group and 30th out of 293 overall in an Open Water event.

David came to Swimfinity back in November 2021 with the goal to be more efficient and pick up the pace on his swim buddies. Already able to swim but finding it tiring, we concentrated on building a good frame to work from, looking at connections in the body to make swimming easier.

In July, David took his tool box of SwimMastery Cues to Rutland water and used them to beat previous personal records and complete the swim feeling more efficient, pain free and “smiled for 2 weeks after the event”

Now that is “Swimming Inspiring Smiles”

Below you can see just how David’s body shape has changed in the water to become more streamlined and connected.