May 2022 – Client Feedback

Here are some recent comments and feedback from Swimfinity clients.

“I did 1.5km albeit with breaks- yesterdays lesson was so useful and so much fun! Breathing is work in progress but skiing downhill when I did it was amazing and can feel the difference when I do it wrong. Enjoy your lifeguard course and a massive thank you!!”

“Never ever in a million years could I have just got in the water and swum 2k without all your coaching and support, i’m on cloud 9 and can’t wait to do it again”

“I learnt to swim when I was young. I don’t remember when I couldn’t swim. But I have picked up some bad habits along the way, so having someone really look at me while I’m swimming has been so beneficial.

I don’t know how Claire at Swimfinity has done it, but with a couple of tweaks she has given me on my front crawl, my stroke has really changed. Firstly my enjoyment of swimming front crawl has changed and also my efficiency whilst swimming. At the start of the course, my stroke count for 25 metres was 24, and on Thursday, it was 20.”