Swim camp 2023 and 2024

I have been on swim camps many times. Not only does your swimming improve greatly the people you meet are always great fun and supportive. Claire is a great coach encouraging and instilling confidence in your swimming ability. No matter where you’re at. She will work tirelessly to work out little bugs in your technique . Claire is brilliant in coaching you in open water. Non-swimming partners are always made to feel very welcome and part of the group. I would totally recommend a swim camp with Claire, no matter your ability from beginners to seasonal swimmers.

Maggie March 2022 and 2023

Having spent a week with Claire on a swim camp recently, I found her coaching style to be relaxed, individualised and delivered in a way that was easy to understand and process. She is easy to approach and always had time to answer any questions. Away from coaching, Claire is an all round lovely person and always up for an adventure!. Claire… cut and paste the above as you like. Safe swimming xx Nadine

Nadine, swimmer in 2023 and booked for 2024 already!

Hi Claire, I hope this is how you wanted to receive feed back re training camp? If not let me know and I can try and send it another way. Please feel free to use some, all, none of it as you see fit. I’m no lover of swimming, having only learnt to swim front crawl 16 years ago, at age 42. I first swam open water in 2019. Swimming is always the first activity I drop from any weeks training if circumstances mean something has to be missed, and that’s most weeks. So why on earth did I choose to go on a swim camp? I had entered a 3.8km swim event scheduled for April, so needed something to convince myself I could achieve it. The venue was ideal, nothing posh, but clean tidy and full of similar thinking individuals. So how did the actual training go. Lots of encouragement from all the coaches, and the fellow attendees. A quick pool session and video analysis told the coaches most of what they needed to know, it wasn’t going to be an easy week for them! Each morning was taken up with the opportunity of an open water swim, a class room based technique session (teaching us the next part of the puzzle we would be working on), then a pool session to implement what we had just been taught. Plenty of patience was shown by the coaches as we all struggled with different techniques over the days. No one was made to feel bad if they couldn’t get to grips with something. The coaches just kept it in their minds and challenged you to try again another day. Techniques were practiced frequently during the week, so if something wasn’t picked up immediately, it wasn’t ignored and forgotten. Techniques were also encouraged to be practiced during our open water swims. Afternoons were time to ourselves, this could be bike riding, gym, sunbathing, shopping, sleeping. There were plenty of offers to join others doing various activities. So I ended up swimming thirteen times during the seven days I was there, I probably hadn’t swam thirteen times in the last six months! I gained confidence again swimming in the Open Water, I learned and understood many new techniques, which if I can only implement half of them will make swimming a much more enjoyable and stress free activity than it has ever been for me. I still wonder why I went on a swimming camp, but I am very glad I did.

Mike 2023