Wild swimming

Open water or Wild swimming is becoming increasingly important to peoples lives (especially in Lockdown). As a family we have been open water and wild swimming for several years. We have the right safety equipment, we never swim alone and we only swim where we have assessed and managed the risks.

If you are new to swimming outdoors, please ensure you get some advice, swim at a venue with safety or with a qualified Swim Coach. The key to managing the cold, is to take it slowly, control your breathing and know your limits.

You are sure to smile, where ever you swim outdoors. There are hundreds of different Facebook groups who chat and share photos and the experiences of their swim venues. Avoid reservoirs unless permitted, they can have hidden risks. If swimming in rivers, check for the flow, water level and potential sewage / run off from the fields. My preference is lakes or disused reservoirs that are managed, maintained and permit swimming. Since swimming the channel, I’ve developed a love for the sea but, unless you swim regularly at the coast and understand the tides the advice is to always swim with someone who holds that knowledge. I’ve loved a few swims with Whitby sea swimmers who welcome anyone on a “swim at your own risk” basis. For guided trips to the Lakes and Yorkshire Dales, a friend of mine Les Peebles is the guy to know in that area of the world.

It’s not all about swimming up and down in a swimming pool! It’s about creating memories, living in the moment and Inspiring smiles.

If you fancy a wild swim tour of Yorkshire, get in touch.