Video analysis Induction 1hr30/2hrs for 1-3 people @LS255DY

1 hour 30 minutes · £100 1-1 (£75 each 1-2 ratio £60 1-3 ratio )

For New Customers Only : Swim session in the Endless Pool (location LS255DY) for 60 mins and 30min feedback via CoachNow analysis. See your stroke from different angles above and below, make small tweaks to your efficiency to effortlessly improve your time and limit injury. Videos available to you directly after the session CoachNow and after the session for one month to offer suggestions and support progress. Book 6 lessons following a video analysis and get a progress videos throughout your lessons time.

Recent feedback includes “You didn’t improve my technique, you revolutionised my way of thinking about swimming”

Swimming with a buddy is really good for progress as they can help identify your needs and you can support each other to improve. Appointments are booked via Claire on 07947730830

5 week Swim efficient Front crawl (Leeds)

5 hour Course · £100 Forum Leisure Centre Leeds

5 week (5hr) course , improving your front crawl and develop a toolbox of resources and cues to focus on while swimming. If you can get through half a length of something that resembles front crawl but you want to be more efficient, this is the course is for you. You must pre-book with Claire 07947730830 as spaces are limited to 6 swimmers

Next session starts June 20th

Adult lessons with video analysis @LS255DY

1 hour · £80.00 30mins £40 1-1 1hr £60pp 1-2 ratio

Adult lessons in the Endless pool will build on the findings of your induction. We will take updated video and build on your knowledge of Swimfinity Swimset cards when swimming. That may be to help your posture, balance, timing or kick.

Each lesson we will build on 3 Cards so you have enough tools in your tool box to practice on your own

Peer observation and feedback having a swim buddy to tell you what they see is invaluable when learning a new skill in water. This also saves you money!

The Endless pool is perfect for watching the swimmers technique and videoing from different angles. Brilliant for making progress and even has a mirror to watch yourself in!

Book a Block of 6 lessons and receive a £5 discount on every lesson, saving you £30. This must be paid as a block paid in advance

Book with Claire 07947730830 or send us an email from the Contact us page

SwimMastery Adult Frontcrawl workshop

8 hours · £200 (not currently available unless you have your own 12 to 25m pool?)

These workshops attract all types of swimmer, from Channel swimmer, British Triathlete to beginner front crawl. The bio Mechanics of how the body works well in water is the same if you are a serious professional athlete or simply having fun in the water. Relax, Breath and ensure you understand what makes us propel forward efficiently.

Review from October 2020

The coaches were extremely knowledgeable and friendly . The real time video analysis was very impressive and helpful . It was also great having a coach in the water with us . 

The venue was great and  I appreciated the free car parking ( especially as it was so wet ! ) and use of the cafe and the snacks . 

Advance info very good . 

I have no suggestions for improvement. 

Weekly Children’s (aged 4+) learn to swim1-1 / 1-2 / 1-3 Ratio @LS255DY Endless pool lessons

30 minutes · £30pp 1-1 / £19pp 1-2 / £16pp 1-3

Children’s lesson prices are if , booked for a school term (e.g Sept to December) (Adhoc lessons are £35/ £22/ £19)

For children, alongside my stroke technique, we can follow the STA learn to swim program and issue badges. Stanley badges 1-7, Octopus 1-3, Goldfish 1-3, Angelfish 1-3 and some elements of the Shark badges or we can follow the Swim England Progression Stage 1-7. 

All this said, we will adapt our approach to suit the current needs of the swimmer, we need to see consistency and the ability to perform a skill unconsciously competently, this is more important than ticking a box. 

Open water introductions and Coaching, All year round at The Blue lagoon

1 hour 30 minutes · Starting at £15

Thursdays & Sundays 11.30-14.00hrs

As an STA Open Water Swim Coach and RLSS Lifeguard with NWSMP Level 3 (National Water Safety Management Programme), I can help anyone achieve their swimming goal, from a 5 minute dip in the winter sea, a river or lake to a 10k open water event or swimming in a channel relay! Whatever your goal, I can help. I will be getting into the open water regularly over the winter months! 1-1 £90.

4 people £22.50pp

5 people £18pp

6 -8 people =£15pp

9-12 people £10

Max 12 people Wetsuit hire and other equipment available from £5 to £15 (suits can be worth £500)

Private Wild Swim Tours or Lido Adventures

All day £400 approx. 6am – 3pm (minimum 4 people)

A wild swim or dip for 4 people with transport and snacks included.

An introduction on how to safely use open water for a fun day out or a trip to a lido and wild swim dips on route. These days out are tailored to your requirements. Maybe you have always wanted to swim in the sea or in a local Lido but you want to do this safely with the reassurance of having a lifeguard and swim coach with you.

Bespoke Packages / Personal Challenges Swimming Inspiring Smiles

Duration varies · Various

Do you have a personal goal? Kayaking down a river? Swimming the Channel, Gorge walking, surfing or an open water event? We can help. Maybe you need to pass your Military Swim test? or just have a go on a paddle board before you embark on lessons, Let us know your dream and visit us for a chat.

Adult Lane Swimming @ The Mount School York

£15 for the 2hr session Booked in blocks of 4 (Pre-booking required)

2hr Session 8pm – 10pm Tuesdays next block of 4 16th Jan 2024

You will be issued a choice of Swimfinity Sets to use and Cues to think about while you swim. This is a self guided session. There is a SwimMastery Coach on poolside working with 2 other lanes but this lane is for swimmers with a knowledge of how Cues should be used. You can choose to swim on your own continuously for 2hrs or you may decide to work with another swimmer in your lane to observe and discuss progress with.

Spaces limited to 6 in a lane. There will be a trainee coach available to guide you if needed